Funny how forcing myself to write and depriving myself of internet made me...write a whole lot. I didn't manage 400 words a day, but I have written over 4,000 words this month, and that's never happened before. (NaNo is solely for quantity and doesn't count. I can't seem to do braindump outside of November.)

One flew away and then there was one. (Yuugiou, Ryou/Amane, rated All) )
I'm not sure whether to thank or kick myself for signing up for [ profile] 30_kisses. It forces me to write even when I think that pulling my own teeth might be more enjoyable. ...I realize this is a good thing for me, who would otherwise write about 50,263 words in one year. (You know what month most of them would come from.) I have written 263 words this week, and rearranged them until my eyes crossed. I'm sick of looking at them, which means it's time to quit messing with them. At least they're words I like.

Wednesday's Child )
This is my first fic since August, and the first Yuugiou fic since September 2005, that has been over 1,000 words. Granted it's only 72 words over, but I feel like I've broken some kind of curse. XD

Without further ado:

With a promise and a soft touch, her work is done. (Slight Ryou/Amane. Contains weirdness, death, and British people.)
For [ profile] hireadd. ♥♥♥
Concrit is welcome, especially on the Britishisms that may or may not be correct. >->
Child's Play )
Disclaimer: I don't own Yuugiou. I wrote this for fun, not for profit.
Title: Freaks
[ profile] 30_kisses prompt: 21. extortion
Pairing: Was supposed to be Ryou/Amane, but it got out of hand. Like that's never happened before. So it's more sibling-complex, instead. :D
Summary: A collection of souls will never replace a sister, but one might as well try. (Circus-freak AU, Ryou and Amane.)
Words: ~700
Constructive criticism is welcome.

Freaks )
Disclaimer: I don't own Yuugiou, and I make no money off my fanfics.

Title: Backward Children
Author: [ profile] kat_nano
Pairing: Ryou/Amane
Fandom: Yuugiou
Theme: 6. the space between dream and reality

Backward Children )

Title: Shrouding Pandora
Author: [ profile] kat_nano
Pairing: Ryou/Amane
Fandom: Yuugiou
Theme: 24. good night

Shrouding Pandora )

Title: Look Up
Author: [ profile] kat_nano
Pairing: Ryou/Amane
Fandom: Yuugiou
Theme: 1. look over here

Look Up )



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