Part I

And now...the main event. :D

All-American Rejects [63 photos] )

Other highlights:

• Because I didn't get a photo of this, I feel I need to post about it before I forget that I saw it: Tyson on his knees singing to Nick's crotch and wiggling his fingers in the direction thereof.

• Tyson has the energy of approximately six Gabe Saportas. *awe*

I'm doing this in two parts or else your connections will hate me. I mean, they'll hate me anyway, but they'll hate me less. (And also because the first half is finished and the second, um, isn't. >_>)

Sorry these start out so dark--it took some playing with my camera before I could get the right settings. *facepalm* They get very sharp near the beginning of Ace Enders. Click for larger!

Vedera [11 photos] )

Ace Enders and A Million Different People [34 photos] )

Shiny Toy Guns [14 photos] )

Part II
Un. Real. I halfway don't believe it actually happened. I'm serious. I feel like... holy shit, these guys actually exist? I could have sworn Pete made them up. (...also, I kind of want fic where Pete DOES make them up. Like that one where he makes Patrick up. BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT FOB, so I will hush now.) All the times I've said "how are they real?" I was only partially joking. It was crazy to actually see them. So let's get to the recap, and maybe I'll believe it happened if I look at the pictures long enough. recap + many photos [linked to large versions] + some video + overuse of the word ridiculously + mostly-coherent ABSOLUTE JOY )

THE END! (Approximately SIX HOURS after I started typing this thing.)
We were off to the side where there were staff people, and I couldn't sneak the flash at all, so I switched to b&w partway through because it improved the lighting somehow. Hey, if you take enough photos, some are bound to turn out okay. I took about a hundred and hoped for the best, and around a third of them were decent, so I'm pleased. The NW photos are better than SS because SS were just horribly lit. :p

Sonic Syndicate headbanged nearly constantly, so it was basically impossible to get any clear shots of them. Oh, and Wiki tells me they're melodic death metal, which I know even less about than symphonic metal, but upon listening to their myspace, I'm liking them a little better now that I can hear the singing better. I prefer metal with mostly-understandable lyrics, and it's nice if there's the occasional normal singing as well--and that is what Sonic Syndicate can do. \0/ But I couldn't hear any of their song titles except once when they said "this is called 'Flashback.'"

I forgot to mention last night that the crowd was wonderful, too. They were wild, yeah, because how can you not be, but they were also very well-behaved. Nobody got hurt, a couple people crowdsurfed, and everybody had a good time. Yeah, yeah, I'd been a little worried. I've never been to any show that was even approaching metal, and I didn't know what to expect. :p But Nightwish fans here are lovely people. ♥

...So, basically, Northern Europe wins at metal. Anyway! 32 photos // 6 SS & 26 NW. )

Halfway related: Claire had us listen to a band called Angelspit on the way home and they were odd but somehow exactly my kind of music. Something like if...Ladytron sang NIN's lyrics. "100%" and "Vena Cava" have been stuck in my head since. Basically, Tuesday was a fabulous day of music!

...yes, I've finally caved to Myspace. Facebook is my address book, LJ is my journal, and I guess Myspace is my MP3 player. :p


May. 28th, 2008 01:21 am
One of our group, MJ, had sprained her ankle and couldn't go, so it ended up just being me, Claire, Casey, and Jen. This was a little terrifying for me at first because I'd only met these people once before--MJ is the only one I know very well. But I calmed down once I got in Claire's car...even if she did speed and tailgate the whole way there, holy shit. She likes to go very, very fast. Kansas has many miles of very straight road. Bad combination, that. Anyway! We got there just fine,'s the concert, then. Nightwish played fewer songs that I knew than I was hoping for, but I haven't heard that much except from one or two albums, so. It was lovely to hear more.

Sonic Syndicate opened... )

Pictures tomorrow. Dead now.



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