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• title: "My Bloody Valentine." HAHAHA. I love that they went there.

• Okay, so I cannot be the only one who thought it was strangely adorable that Dean didn't want to go out for Valentine's Day...and ended up staying with Sam instead? :p And going out with Sam AND Castiel at once! POLY DATE! ...I mean, except for the whole "something is clearly wrong with Dean" bit. Which is bothersome.

• And Dean hands Sam a bloody heart and says, "Be my valentine? :D" How...romantic. Ish. In a really sick way. :D

• "I'm there now... I'm gonna hang up now." The Castiel-and-phone gags will never EVER get old. Ever.

• "They're not incontinent." Good to know, Castiel. Good to know.

• "Cupid has gone rogue and we have to stop him before he kills again."
"'Course we do."

"OF COURSE WE DO" is the reaction every week, and I love that they said it out loud.

• The definition of "nonplussed" is Sam and Dean and Castiel having NO FUCKING CLUE what to do when Cupid starts sobbing.

• OMG THAT PALE DUDE. He's a horseman, maybe? Now...which one. Famine? I mean, that's the pale one... but he wouldn't have run from Sam. IDGI.

• Oh Sammy, don't do it. Wipe off the blood. Don't DO it. ...Thank you. (Looking back, I shoulda known that was foreshadowing. :| )

• Oh yes, it's a real smart idea to open a demon's briefcase.


• Iiinteresting. Castiel's vessel can still have an effect on him. This could be useful information.

• Famine can eat DEMON souls? Damn!

• Side note: I know crossovers have been done before, but if ever SPN was screaming for a Good Omens crossover, IT'S RIGHT NOW. OMG APOCALYPSE. :D

• Eating!Castiel! Yaaaay! ...that is the weirdest thing I have ever said. EAT SOMETHING, DEAN. o_O

• Oh shiiiiiit. Sam's hunger is for blood, isn't it? Ohhhh shit.

• And Dean's tying Sam up. Again. WOOOOOOO HOOOOO!

• I bet he'll rip the sink off the wall or something. :(

• "These make me very happy."
"How many is that?"
"Lost count. It's in the low hundred."

Oh look at happy Castiel! He has his burger; all is well. ♥

• "So you're saying you're well-adjusted?"
"God, no. I'm just well-fed."

I wonder if that's really it, but if it is...he kinda has a point there. I was just watching this one Buffy episode, see, and it discussed the concept that good people who get a taste of the bad go crazy for it--so doesn't it stand to reason that a person who has enough of everything won't go overboard for something?

...Yes, I did cite Buffy to make a point. IT IS VALID, OKAY.

• And Sam is indeed trying to rip off the sink. And--oh hey, demons. That's probably a bad thing.

• Very very bad, I see. Sam, no, DON'T. SAM. SAMMY. FUUUUCK! :(

• Hee! Dean waits like, five seconds before "this is taking too long!" *very amused*

• Ewwww, deep-fried cook. :/

• EWWWWWWWW. CASS IS EATING WHAT?! Please tell me that's beef. Please.

• "America, all-you-can-eat, all the time... Hunger doesn't just come from the body; it comes from the soul!" I see you, social commentary in Show!

• Aaaand it's not because of Dean's strength of character. It's because... there's nothing. Oh Dean. Oh, Dean, honey.

• Hey, Famine? He doesn't need therapy from YOU.

• "Just...keep going through the motions. You're not hungry, Dean, because inside you're already dead." WE KNEW THAT ALREADY, AND YOU'RE A JERK. :( :( :( Didn't I see a Buffy episode like this? ~*every single night, the same arrangement, I go out and fight the fight*~


• Sam did it. Oh, good Sam. Good, good Sam. Oh Sam, you are broken and clever and wonderful and OH MY GOD YOU BLEW UP A HORSEMAN WITH HIS OWN DEMONS HOLY FUCKKKKK.

• Dean looks terrified when he looks at Sam. Ouch.

• And Sam is detoxing. Again. And Dean has his booze and his Castiel to keep him company. My heart.

• Whenever Jensen does crying/ praying/ begging scenes, it is like CHRISTMAS.

• ...Although Christmas, here? Is like a kick to the gut. Oh DEEEEEEEN.

Date: 2010-02-12 03:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] angelgazing.livejournal.com
NEGL, I started singing it.

Do you know why I love this show so much? Because it can gross me out, and make me laugh, and tear my heart out ALL IN THE SAME EPISODE. Oh, Show, this is why I forgive you for all the bad things you do to me.

Date: 2010-02-12 03:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] imagines.livejournal.com
THAT right there is precisely why I keep coming back for more. It's okay if they stomp on my heart! I'll grow a new one, ready for more stomping!



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