Date: 2010-04-22 04:19 am (UTC)
I'm sick of "men do this, women do that, BECAUSE THEY'RE MEN AND WOMEN."

THIS, so much. I got really annoyed when I was showing some (visual kei) videos to people at a Japanese study group and the main response was, "Oh, yeah, this band--they're all men--all men!--but they dress like girls."

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN. 8| Like maybe if they were wearing dresses that would sort of makes sense, except they're not? I just don't even... whatever. I appreciate androgyny.

Obviously shaving is not a natural instinct, but it started as a cultural pressure for me and it just so happened that it wasn't a pain in the ass and I actually liked the feeling of smooth legs. So I'll probably keep doing it (at least in summer) until I no longer feel like it. (I haven't shaved in about a week and it's feeling very... itchy right now. x_x)

But this reminds me! A lot of bicyclists and swimmers--men included--shave their legs, too, to be more aerodynamic or something? I'm not sure what the standard is on this... but I've also noticed that a lot of VK artists (men) shave their legs and armpits, too. So... I'm all for equal opportunities. :P Personally, I'm just the tiniest bit terrified when men lift their arms and suddenly there's an EXPLOSION OF THICK FUR and---yeah.

They didn't say why, but it was pretty recently, but after watching the community for a few days, I figured I didn't really need to be a member... because I'm pretty relaxed and don't get offended very easily. There's an awful lot of rage going on there, and I'm not saying it's not entirely unjustified, but... that's a lot of rage. So at some point, I feel like I'm better off without it. I still manage to see a lot of articles through tumblr/facebook/twitter (like all of those about Amanda Palmer and Mo'nique at...whichever award show that was) so it's not a huge deal. XD Thanks, though.
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