Date: 2010-04-22 04:49 am (UTC)
guuuuurl, A+ post.

I have finally started wearing makeup for myself, not for other people and I feel better that way. I don't cake it on, but I wear what feels comfortable to me. I can't wear a lot of mascara because I have such long eyelashes that it rubs against my brows and it just... a strange feeling. XD But now I rarely leave the house without makeup and that's because it makes me feel better, not because someone told me to. It feels. SO. NICE. goddamn.

I'm beginning to think like you. I pretty much ONLY wear a bra if I am going out in public because they're really just so big that it makes me uncomfortable when I see people staring at them. Victoria's Secret, thank the gods, have some awesome bras or else I would probably BECOME braless. XD I CANNOT sleep in a bra. Can. Not. Do it. I have a permanent red mark right around where my ribcage from doing that when I was younger and I fucking hate it. tbh, bras really do cause more discomfort than comfort. :x i still wear them, though. wtf. It's weird: I can't wear one when I sleep, but I can't not wear one when I go out.

re: sports bras! MTE BB. I hate sports bras that try to lift you up because that's not what they're for. They're for COMPRESSING you so you DON'T move and CAN be active. -_- I had the most amazing sports bra ever a few years ago but my tits went up a cup size and a half so I can't wear it anymore. It was completely compressing, completely comfortable, and a wonderful addition to the chest binding I did when I crossplayed.

actually... whenever I last saw you it totally like didn't even cross my mind that you were braless! I knew at the back of my mind, but I didn't notice. And I was not bothered in the slightest when I realized that you are braless, because you are still Kit and you are still Awesome.

The shaving thing... I have mixed feelings about it. I really usually only shave my legs when I'm baring my legs, because, again, I don't like the looks I get from people (makes me v. uncomfortable) and I just feel better if they're shaved. In the winter, however? FUCK THAT SHIT. I don't shave my legs from like September - January and I don't give a flying fuck. I never shave in the winter because 1) it adds warmth 2) no one's going to be seeing my legs because they are covered up and because I just plain don't want to.

I'm sure I probably seem all gross and wishy-washy, but eh. idgaf :D

love you bb, keep it the FUCK up. ♥♥
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