Good for you, bb! ♥ Seriously, everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies and no one should judge or think less of them or whatever. You are the one that has to live with it; if other people don't want to look at you because of it, hell, no one's forcing them! But you can't stop living in your own skin, so what you want to do comes first, goddammit.

I don't usually wear makeup -- mostly because I'm lazy, but also because I have really sensitive skin (so no foundation, etc.) and putting on eye makeup is frustrating for me because it requires standing RIGHT BY the mirror because my vision is so shitty. Plus, wearing anything on my lips when I'm around Ned is a lost cause, but. >____> It's IMMENSELY boosting to my ego, too, to have a boyfriend who is not only completely supportive of this decision, but also frequently tells me that I don't need it and I look better without it. I do sometimes wear a little bit for special occasions and such, but that's because I want to, not because I feel like I can't leave my room without any on.

I have started to really, really like skirts and it's pretty fun! Though I do still feel like I have to shave before I wear them, but I do genuinely love the feeling of having smooth legs. Also I feel really awkward having leg hair in general because I'm so pale and my hair is so dark, and I know it's probably mostly conditioning and such but it wouldn't bother me NEARLY as much not to shave if my hair weren't so damn noticeable. :| (That only goes for below-the-knee hair, though. I haven't bothered removing hair from my thighs in years, there's really just no point.) Stunningly enough, considering how clumsy I am, I have only ever seriously cut myself shaving once (big ol' red line down the back of my leg for weeks, yay!) and otherwise, apart from times when it stings a bit because my skin is dry or when I shave right before going swimming, it just feels totally fine. I feel like if it were more painful or inconvenient, I might not do it as much, but it's seriously like five minutes of my time -- maybe once a week, if that? (I tend to shave right before I wear a skirt, then wear jeans for two weeks and totally forget that I even have leg hair. Oops? >__>) And since I enjoy the feeling and it doesn't take that long, I'm cool with the fact that I'm still doing it.

Underarm-shaving, I do because I sweat less when I do it. I've started doing it a little less often, but since I sweat so much as is and shaving helps relieve it by A LOT, it's actually more for practical reasons than anything else. \o/

Re: bras, I'm not doubting your claims or anything because hey, everyone's body is different and that's okay!, but I personally cannot fathom how not wearing a bra can be more comfortable than wearing one. o__o I mean, if you're not doing anything, absolutely -- I sit around braless at home all the time and I don't sleep in one -- but if I'm walking someplace or even exercising at home or doing things at all, the bouncing is so annoying and sometimes outright painful. Again, I'm totally not doubting or criticizing or anything -- in fact, I'm actually kind of jealous :( -- I just cannot understand how that is POSSIBLE.

I also love heels (not as a steady diet, mind, but once in a while!), but unfortunately I have super-sensitive feet and so I have to subject myself to possible intense discomfort/pain later should I choose to wear them. :( And this makes me SO SAD because sometimes, I just want to wear my adorable black or brown kitten heels! Not for any particular reason, not to look good for anyone but myself or because I feel I should, they're just cute and I love them! But no, my feet have decided to throw off the yoke of the oppressors and don't discriminate regarding when that is and when it's not. :(((( Sigh.

And I think that's enough about me! BASICALLY YOU ROCK, OKAY. ♥
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