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New FO post ahoy!

Adding policy:
Most of my posts are locked, though fanfiction is nearly always public. I'll add anyone back for any reason, but please comment here first so I know who you are and how you found me. :)

Friends-only banner by [ profile] ivydoor at [ profile] pyritehedera.

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happy birthday, love!

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Hiiie! I'm Ren! :D I'm a friend of [ profile] pocketfuldreams and [ profile] rasetsukoku. Mouse tells me that we should meet, that you're awesome, and that you're a Star Trek fan (like me! :D).

:D Want to friend? I don't bite. Unless it's chocolate. Or somebody asks. Or I'm bored, really... it's all subjective.
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HIII. ♥ I love new people who are friends of my people! :D I'm Kit, and I met Dot quite by (awesome) accident, and Mouse because Dot knew her, soooo here continues the CHAIN OF PEOPLE DOT KNOWS. XD I am very fond of Star Trek! (Actually, if you happen to live in KC, are 18 or older, and are free this weekend Fri-Sun, you should check out [ profile] slasher_family as a Trek/Harry Potter friend of mine is hosting a meetup. [/rec] ) I shall add you!

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Excellent! :D I live in TN, sadly, so I cannot answer the call of awesome :< but yay for meeting someone new who is also a ST fan! :D Added ♥

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Okay this is really weird and in-passing, but holy shit you pretty much like everything I like (Alcibiades! Bartleby/Loki! Diana Wynne Jones!). Can we be friends? :)

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Why certainly, I like new people. :D ...ahaha omg I just looked at your profile and OMG YOU REALLY DO LIKE EVERYTHING I LIKE. XD Hello, I'm Kit!

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Nice to make your acquaintance ;) I'm Kassie, despite what my profile may say. We also seem to like most of the same TV shows, did you see the new SPN yet?

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Hi, Kassie! I haven't seen the past two weeks' worth of SPN. :( I'm doing NaNoWriMo, college, and work, and I haven't had time. I plan on having a grand catching-up marathon sometime in December. (Or maybe sooner, if my bio project, speech project, and art assignments don't EAT MY FACE.)

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Oh man. I could not live such a busy life... I am at college but I gave up on NaNo after day 1 due to lack of inspiration (I nearly finished last year though!)
What are you writing about? :3

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I am writing a sci-fi dystopia! I wish I could give more details, but I haven't entirely figured out how to write what I'm writing about. XDDD It involves memory edits, though, and a government conspiracy wherein people are "disappeared" by tossing them into space. It's quite haphazard at the moment, because I didn't plan well at ALL, but whatever--I am having fun.

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I don't know if you've ever considered it before, but "Friend me" really cannot be abbreviated.

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Oh dear god. HI.

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Hello, I am adding you as my mass friending of the KCMO_GQMF group after the fun Holiday party.
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Hey, just wanted to let you know that I've finally added you after several cases of [ profile] silmerin telling me what you'd posted - so Hi! ::waves::

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Hi! :) Any friend of hers is a friend of mine. Added you back!

about the empires show (you asked something but I deleted the thread cuz of ~drama)

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What happened was that I went with Sean and my mom to the door and sean said can this girl get in, she's sixteen (don't know if he actually thought i was 16) and she's with her mom and they shrugged and said sure. that was basically it.

Re: about the empires show (you asked something but I deleted the thread cuz of ~drama)

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That's what I thought must have happened. :) I kinda boggled when that commenter was like "but the band didn't actually let her in!!" or whatever, because...yeah, I didn't even make that inference from your post!

Anyway, I'm sorry drama happened. I hope it's not going to bring you down or make you stop posting recaps. It was actually really awesome to see that post when I did, because I had to miss the show here in my hometown last night on account of it being in an actual bar, and my 21st birthday's not for three months. (You bet I was moping. D: ) So yeah, it made me happy to see your awesome photos. :)

Re: about the empires show (you asked something but I deleted the thread cuz of ~drama)

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Awwwwwwww. :(

Well, thank you.

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Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I'm totally following you on Tumblr as moreglitter, 'cause you know how I like to stalk.

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I don't have a tumblr... o.O

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Nice to meetcha. Can I ask how you found me? :)

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Aaah, extreme scatterbrainedness about tumblr that is entirely my bad! Sorry for the unnecessary confusion, 'twas another LJ person whose username that reminded me of yours. But you're bornbackwards/ihearthedrums, right? If I'm remembering correctly, then I think we met through Doctor Who because I remember loving "ihearthedrums" as a username. I haven't been frequenting LJ for some time, but I'm making my way back and I think you were on my flist - if bornbackwards is the same you, then I really liked your posts and how you were always into the choice fandoms! :)

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Dear God I talk a lot, but obvi I have confused myself into a circle and in attempting to unconfuse myself, have I think figured out that Tumblr-owning LJ person, in fact, used to have your current username "imagines," it is the last username I could remember her using and that led me to you. But I think I just figured out who she actually is on LJ, which...means I don't know you? Which is TOTALLY embarrassing, wow.

This is kind of crazy and weird, considering you and I apparently have mutual friends and mutual communities/interests/fandoms in common. So, this is odd, but would you like to try out being flisties anyway, because a) this is so truly bizarre b) your profile indicates to me that you seem to like slash too. That is like two whole reasons! Obviously you are free to opt out, or unfriend at your discretion later, but curiosity compels me to suggest? :)

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Ahaha, this totally made my morning... it's never happened to me before! I'm always getting mistaken for other people IRL, not on LJ. :p No, I don't know you at all, but I think we SHOULD try knowing each other. XD I loooove Doctor Who (haven't managed to see the 5th season though, shh) and slash, although lately I ramble about my Adventures in Playing With Fire. TWO REASONS ARE GREAT.

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Thanks! It's bonkers! I even tried tapping in "bornbackwards" to the address bar when I realized I was mistaking identities, but it leads straight to you! Re: the fire, I am sure I will find out soon enough. I will go on fantasizing that you are Pyro from X-Men in the meantime.

Oh, man. Season five is, predictably of Moffat, MADE OF NIGHTMARES, and the finale that just aired is a serious gem! The new companion is CRAZY SEXY CONFIDENT, emphasis on sexy. Dang. Also her Scottishness, which is obvi is synonymous with the sexy. And like at least three other characters I don't want to spoil for but all of whom about which I could wax fangirly about for ages. And Matt Smith, oh, Matt Smith, whom I was fairly excited for but had no idea that I would love him so much, like, his bow-leggedness a wonderful, unexpected fallibility under pressure. So like, probs you have a life, unlike me, and thus can't only watch Doctor Who all the time ever immediately this moment, but please look forward to it assured that this season has some seriously great characters coming atcha.
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HI I'm just here for the glorious fic, also we seem to have a few friends in common so. HI.

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Hi, nice to meetcha. :D I SEE YOU POST ABOUT JGL and therefore you are SO relevant to my interests, ahaha.
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I DO THAT SOMETIMES, YES. He sings in French, I can't even.

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YES. THAT. And he also has this thing where he stars in brilliant movies and has THE HOTTEST SEX EVER.

Also, he's got a mouth? And hands? idk if you noticed. @____@
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I have to observe all these things individually, or I WILL SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST.

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Hey when did we suddenly not be on eachother's flists? re-friend?

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I don't recognise your username--did you use to have a different name? And I picked up this username after someone else purged their journal, so I might not be who you're thinking of. It looks like you like a hell of a lot of the same stuff I do, though, so... perhaps we should be LJ friends anyway. :p

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hahahaha. I'm up for that! Sorry for the confusion btw.

I'd been off at school and I'd suddenly noticed I hadn't seen a friend in a while. I'll keep trying to figure out what happened with her, but yeah, we can be friends!

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If you look up the page a little, [ profile] whirligigged mistook me for someone, too--possibly the same person? If it is, maybe they can help you find her. :)

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I just read that thread, yeah we were looking for the same girl. I'd been friends with bornbackwards/ihearthedrums for years. Its sad that she just left.
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This is luna_manar from LJ. =) Hi there!