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[I'mma make this one public 'cause why the hell not. Do what you will.]

Who else remembers the terms "lemon" and "lime" as applied to fanfic content? (A "lemon" being a story including graphic sex scenes; a "lime" being the fade-to-black sort where you know it happened but the story doesn't describe it. At least that was how I used the words.)

I recently received a review on an ancient Yuugiou fic of mine, and the reviewer asked for a lemon, which surprised me. I think "lime" and "lemon" were (are?) more widely used in anime fandom than elsewhere, but I haven't seen them used at ALL in recent years. Labeling terminology seems to have switched almost entirely to the blunter "smut," "porn," "PWP," or the like. Why is that?

From personal anecdata alone: I accepted the fact that I like to read stories with sex in; from then on, I had no reason to talk about it without TALKING ABOUT IT.

I entered fandom while A) crazy shy and B) underage. My fandom dialect included quite a few euphemisms because blatant enjoying-of-sex-scenes Was Not Done. Or rather, it was done ALL OVER THE PLACE, but one didn't talk about it. (The whole "underage people reading explicit fic" thing is a post for another day, but oh, have I got Thoughts on Yaoi. ...*rimshot*)

As I got older, I got more comfortable with sexuality in general, and now I don't dodge away from saying "Here is a fic with porn in!" when that is what it IS. In terms of my behavior in fandom, I don't consider it shameful or something to be kept secret. I like reading it. [General you] like reading it. For the most part, it's not hidden anymore.

Perhaps I'm completely off-base, though! Like I said, I only rarely saw "lemon" and "lime" being used outside of anime fandom. Because I'm no longer in anime fandoms--and no longer a young teenager--I don't know what words the people in those age+fandom groups use now. Comparing my current fandom experience to the ones I sort of "grew up in," it's a vastly different culture.

So, this change in fic-labeling: how much of it is age differences, how much of it is fandom differences, and how much is something I'm sure I'm not thinking of?

[eta: It occurs to me another difference is where the story is posted! The fic that got the "lemon?" review was posted on FFnet, which doesn't allow that sort of thing at ALL. On LJ, though, we CAN outright write, read, ask for, and receive fics with pretty much any content we want.]

And which of you DO remember "lemon" and "lime"? :p

Date: 2011-02-26 10:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sleepherealone.livejournal.com
I remember lemons and limes well, because I was reading DBZ fic while REAAAAAALLY underage. I think I went back to read some a few years later and then realized how badly they were written. Though it's funny because I've been poking around Sailor Moon fandom these days and I haven't seen those terms used for fic anymore. Maybe it marched on?



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