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I'm not sure whether to thank or kick myself for signing up for [livejournal.com profile] 30_kisses. It forces me to write even when I think that pulling my own teeth might be more enjoyable. ...I realize this is a good thing for me, who would otherwise write about 50,263 words in one year. (You know what month most of them would come from.) I have written 263 words this week, and rearranged them until my eyes crossed. I'm sick of looking at them, which means it's time to quit messing with them. At least they're words I like.

30_kisses prompt 2. news; letter
Summary: Exit the one and enter the Other.
I don't own Yuugiou. I wrote this for fun, not for profit.
Words: 263

Wednesday's Child

Here is what Ryou knows is true:

1. Mother is dead, and there is nothing anyone can do about the

2. Amane is dying miles away, imprisoned in a hospital.
Don't they know she is afraid of the light?

3. Father has gone off to play mad scientist in Egypt.
The funeral-goers did more gossiping than mourning, when he failed to attend.

4. The only Bakura left in England has been hearing a voice in his head since the
screechbang. And there are headaches.

The first letter is written before death wins and Ryou loses. The dark one is still weak, and only gets hold of his hand long enough to scrawl a line across the page. Ryou shakes it off and begins again on a new piece of paper.

The second letter is written after death has won and Ryou doesn't know it yet. The dark one laughs as it inserts words Ryou didn't mean to write-- die instead of live, hate instead of love, kill instead of kiss. Ryou has to recopy the letter four times before it says what he intends.

The third and successive letters are the ones the rumor talks about: Bakura Ryou writes letters to his dead sister, sleeps with all the lights on, and hasn't got a father.

The dark one holds him close and does not let him explain the truth.

Exit Ryou.
Enter the Voice.
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