2011-01-07 04:16 pm
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Have fixed horrendous lack of an icon for my new OT3 OF MY HEART. The world may now proceed as usual. And my list of things to rec to you is getting extremely long--let's cut it down a bit, shall we?

DOCTOR WHO FICS: Eleven/Amy/Rory

[eta: I just realised, EVERY SINGLE ONE is Rory-centric, so there's no point labeling each one as so. BRING ON MORE RORY.]

It would seem I am not capable of reccing any other DW ship at the moment. Wait--what am I talking about? THERE IS NO OTHER SHIP.

A Good Cup of Tea Solves Everything by [livejournal.com profile] toestastegood
Spoilers through "The Big Bang," so I'm not even posting the summary.

I love the dynamic in this; it's ADORBS. Eleven trying to be nurturing and sort of getting it right! Amy doing pouncing! Tea! YAY!

Vita Longa by Sam Storyteller (who can do no wrong)
Spoilers through "The Big Bang."
Rory's life is a romance, but definitely not the one he expected.

Again with the ADORBS. Also there is Amy Pond explaining the meaning of marriage, which is GREAT STUFF, YOU GUYS.

• Mistletoe by [livejournal.com profile] mixtapestar
Rory runs into some paralyzing trouble on a new planet.

This story! Omg. It's so clever and lovely and I really felt like I was watching an episode. It just had that utterly charming THEM feeling, and awwww the cute little mistles and HOW THEY ARE DEALT WITH.

• One Hell of an Antidote by [livejournal.com profile] mixtapestar
Rory finds he's doing a lot of unexpected things with his life. Constantly seeing things that should be impossible, loving in perhaps unconventional ways, and way more running than he anticipated. He wouldn't give it up for anything.

And THIS one is 25k of AWESOME. I am waaay jealous of [livejournal.com profile] mixtapestar's ability to create new creatures for the 'verse. PACHMUNKS ARE LOVE.
2010-12-27 09:01 pm
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reclist re: YAY AMY POND

I still don't have an Eleven or an Amy icon. Must fix that soon. Sorry, Ten. ♥

I have spent most of today reading DW S5 fic. This is quite a trick, considering I've only seen four episodes of S5, and thus can only read a) things that won't spoil me or b) things that could spoil me if I knew enough to notice, but I don't know enough, so I'm safe.

Mostly, I have been reading stories about Amy Pond, who is GLORIOUS and BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE HER TO BITS. She might, might just edge out Donna for My Favourite Companion. And then only because I would interact with Donna as if she were an Awesome Aunt, whereas I would totally be BFFs with Amy. They're both fantastic; it's just that Amy clicks with me even harder because she is exactly my age.

So, yes, anyway! Lots of fic about Amy. Lots of fic where Amy has lots of sex, generally with Eleven but sometimes with Rory. GOD, THERE IS SOME NICE FIC IN THIS FANDOM. Why did I rarely read any before? Oh, right, because all the other companions BROKE MY HEART all the time and I kind of prefer happy fic right now.

I am calling this reclist (hopefully the first of many?) "In which Amy Pond ROCKS YOUR FACE OFF, don't even start." HERE:

The Care and Feeding of Tiny Humans (and slightly larger Time Lords) by Netgirl_y2k
The one where the Doctor comes back for little Amelia Pond.

THIS FIC. ♥♥♥ It is ENORMOUSLY adorable the whole way through. I want to quote it ALL at you, but I'll stick with this bit:

"Amelia!" the Doctor shouted from outside the TARDIS. "Press the green button down for a count of five hippopotamuses, turn the fishing reel counter clockwise six times and then ding the bell!"

"I can't. They're too high."

{and swallow fireflies} by [livejournal.com profile] paperclipbitch
"a bit Amy/Eleven, a bit Amy/Rory"
She’s not the mentally ill one here, really, and she still can’t eat custard, ten years later.

This is a ficmix interspersed with seventeen vignettes, all of which blew my mind. Sweet and candy-bright and a little bit tragic. Also, just the tiniest bit of hot.

'cause you're the sweetest thing by monanotlisa @ DW.
Spoilers: fic is labeled for post-5x05, but I ignored that and read it even though I haven't seen 5x05, and I don't feel spoiled. Nothing jumped out at me as "OMG HERE IS A HUGE THING YOU SHOULDN'T KNOW YET."

Sooo here was me thinking I didn't really read sex-pollen fic. But this one caught my eye, so I gave it a shot, and--um, nrgh. It is kind of hot like burning. [Deleted: my thoughts on sex-pollen, because I got Thinky after reading this one, buuut I am just writing a reclist here. So, yeah, thoughts for another day.]

Here is a picspam of Matt and Karen doing the hot/adorable thing they do.

To Last Forever by [livejournal.com profile] gryffens
Apparently spoilery for 5x10, but LALALA HOW WOULD I KNOW.

I'mma just post this one line because it is representative of all that I find hot and beautiful about this story.

"Shh, it’s all right," the Doctor whispers encouragingly into Vincent's ear. "She’s beautiful, our girl, isn't she? So bright and brave and kind, and really quite fit, wouldn't you agree?"

(Gosh, LJ, I just cannot tell you how gleeful I am about all the fic about Amy where she is like YAY SEX! and everyone around her is like WOO! and doesn't yell at her for liking it. ♥)

tourist by [livejournal.com profile] sangga
lalala what spoilers?
He’s thinking of his skin, and the expression "it’s bigger on the inside."

The best bit about this fic is, um, EVERYTHING. /eloquent! I know! But it made me feel things, all right, and I enjoy words wot make me feel things. I also like that this written Doctor has that tiny, tiny touch of evilness/cruelty that pops up in his character every once in a great while. I ALSO like the line "He hates feeling like a tourist," and I think you'll see why, if you read it.

The author also posted notes on "tourist", which I greatly enjoyed reading because it sounds like their writing process is a hell of a lot like mine:

I write down snatches of dialogue, or something that I think needs to be said/thought/noted, and then build a short scene or aside around it. Once I think I've got enough bits, I start arranging an order, which is generally narratively chronological, and then I can round it off with the last few scenes...

I'm not sure I've run into anyone else who (told me they) write like that. But it's what I do, and every time I try something more structured, it flops. I get little sparks in my head--words, phrases, dialogue--and I write them down, and if I'm very very lucky, I can build something around it. But I have to have that spark. I never write from beginning to end unless it's one of those fantastic occasions when a story bounces into my head almost fully-formed.