Un. Real. I halfway don't believe it actually happened. I'm serious. I feel like... holy shit, these guys actually exist? I could have sworn Pete made them up. (...also, I kind of want fic where Pete DOES make them up. Like that one where he makes Patrick up. BUT THIS IS NOT ABOUT FOB, so I will hush now.) All the times I've said "how are they real?" I was only partially joking. It was crazy to actually see them. So let's get to the recap, and maybe I'll believe it happened if I look at the pictures long enough. recap + many photos [linked to large versions] + some video + overuse of the word ridiculously + mostly-coherent ABSOLUTE JOY )

THE END! (Approximately SIX HOURS after I started typing this thing.)
We were off to the side where there were staff people, and I couldn't sneak the flash at all, so I switched to b&w partway through because it improved the lighting somehow. Hey, if you take enough photos, some are bound to turn out okay. I took about a hundred and hoped for the best, and around a third of them were decent, so I'm pleased. The NW photos are better than SS because SS were just horribly lit. :p

Sonic Syndicate headbanged nearly constantly, so it was basically impossible to get any clear shots of them. Oh, and Wiki tells me they're melodic death metal, which I know even less about than symphonic metal, but upon listening to their myspace, I'm liking them a little better now that I can hear the singing better. I prefer metal with mostly-understandable lyrics, and it's nice if there's the occasional normal singing as well--and that is what Sonic Syndicate can do. \0/ But I couldn't hear any of their song titles except once when they said "this is called 'Flashback.'"

I forgot to mention last night that the crowd was wonderful, too. They were wild, yeah, because how can you not be, but they were also very well-behaved. Nobody got hurt, a couple people crowdsurfed, and everybody had a good time. Yeah, yeah, I'd been a little worried. I've never been to any show that was even approaching metal, and I didn't know what to expect. :p But Nightwish fans here are lovely people. ♥

...So, basically, Northern Europe wins at metal. Anyway! 32 photos // 6 SS & 26 NW. )

Halfway related: Claire had us listen to a band called Angelspit on the way home and they were odd but somehow exactly my kind of music. Something like if...Ladytron sang NIN's lyrics. "100%" and "Vena Cava" have been stuck in my head since. Basically, Tuesday was a fabulous day of music!

...yes, I've finally caved to Myspace. Facebook is my address book, LJ is my journal, and I guess Myspace is my MP3 player. :p



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