Date: 2010-04-22 03:08 am (UTC)
Transfer of kinetic energy in the HOUSE.

ahaha THIS. ಠ____ಠb

I wear bras because I feel uncomfortable without them (and I have like the most sensitive nipples ever jhfksf... and while I'm on the topic of bras, sports bras have actually been LESS comfortable for me, possibly because I'm so small, but I really hate how they SQUEEZE THE LIFE OUT OF ME), but I'm not gonna lie... shaving is one of the "peer pressures" that I succumbed to, because suddenly I was in junior high with a bunch of little girls who thought they were women/sexually attractive to normal people. I still shave, mostly because I can't stand the feeling of stubble long enough to just let my hair grow back. XD;; But I haven't cut myself shaving in years, so it's not really a big deal for me.

Skirts... I like skirts. And dresses. Much more than I used to--I think they probably turned me off at first because Skirts Are For Girls, And If You Wear Them, You Are A Girly-Girl. :/ (Personally, I think skinny jeans are a lot more restrictive and uncomfortable than skirts, unless they are mini, mini, mini skirts.) But as I've gotten older, I've started to care less about what other people think about my clothes and have started dressing to my own standards--and I have to say, I look damn good. :|b Last year, my friend's now-ex-girlfriend saw me wearing my knee-high Doc Martens and thought I should know: "Those are lesbian shoes." But I was like "FUCK YOU THEY ARE SHOES. ಠ_ಠ" I'm also actually really interested in trying corsets, just to see what it's like. Probably not great activewear, BUT IF TIM CURRY CAN WEAR ONE, SO CAN I.

I like to look good... but there is literally no derivation of pleasure on my part unless I look good to me. (As much as I like it, I feel weird when I try imitating gyaru makeup.) Luckily, I'm comfortable enough with myself that I can walk out the door every day without putting on any makeup or styling my hair.

... That was sort of rambly, and I get that you're not saying this at all, but I always get this feeling that you-can't-be-a-feminist-if-you-shave-or-wear-makeup-or-skirts (sort of like how you-can't-be-an-environmentalist-if-you-eat-ANY-MEAT-AT-ALL), which... I don't know, doesn't that sort of miss the point? Be as vehement and riled up about women's rights as you want, but if you like wearing high heels sometimes? No way, you're not a feminist. But maybe I'm just bitter, seeing as how my join request for [ profile] wtf_sexism was rejected. :P
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