Date: 2010-04-22 09:20 am (UTC)
crazybutsound: (gabe is oh so amused)
Amen, sister. I'm 35 and still hating the fact that when I do wear makeup (BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT), my family can't help themselves from exclaiming "my oh my, don't you look lovely today!" You think they would know better by now than to say that, because in previous years, I have been known to go and wash the makeup off my face as a reaction to such a comment. Now, I just smile and go "as I do everyday without makeup." Which has the added bonus of making them stutter and embarrassingly try to explain that they never meant that I don't look lovely everyday. I love to see them squirm.

As for bras, I have big breasts, so my bras are for comfort. If I could go without a bra, I would, but it tends to be painful (though no matter what people say, I still go braless when the heat is too much for me in the summer). My mum's been trying to make me wear frilly underwear since I was a teen, using the terribly compelling reason that "if I have an accident and have to have my clothes removed by nurses or what not, what will my less than glamorous cheap underwear say about me?" *shakes head* Yeah, well, if I'm at that point, I'm guessing NOBODY will care about my underwear, so I'd rather be comfortable. I don't need underwear to feel sexy (or unsexy, as a matter of fact).

All this to say that I couldn't agree with you more on everything you just said. ♥
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