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~380 words. For prompt #2 (dress robes) at [livejournal.com profile] barefootboys. No DH spoilers.

hide away the moon

Sirius is dashing in his dress robes, and Sirius is dashing to get out of his dress robes. The night is star-sprinkled and heat-swollen; his lacy cuffs and high collar are stifling. He hikes up the hem and races up the stairs to the bedroom, where he has an epic grapple with his robes before having the bright idea to light a lamp. He is damp all over: his fingers slide on the buttons, and the robes are disgustingly sticky when he peels them from his body. "What were they thinking, Moony, having a Fine-Dress Party when it's so hot even the Squid is probably sweating buckets?"

But Remus is already curled up asleep on top of his bedclothes, probably getting sweat and drool everywhere. He's making a worried snuffly noise, and Sirius wants to shake him, shake him, leap on him and wake him so he'll pay attention to Sirius when Sirius is talking. Padfoot stretches inside of him, yawns pink-mouthed and slobbery, begs to be let free to leap and play, preferably on top of Remus. Remus, who always has delicious delectable eatable things in his pockets, oh Sirius, let me out.

Sirius pushes disapproval-whining Padfoot back down into his soul. The moon is only half-full. Tonight is not for the dog, he explains.

Padfoot understands but that doesn't mean he has to like it. A half-full moon can still shine down on Remus and twist his dreams into black and writhing beasts, and only Padfoot can protect him, isn't that right, Sirius?

I protect him, says Sirius, and at the window he imprisons the moon behind thick black drapes, which are all that keep out the terrible light. Remus stops making that noise, and Sirius is entranced by the way Remus's body goes limp like a slackened bowstring.

In the morning, Remus will wake and know that Sirius closed the drapes, because James is still asleep in an alcove with a girl under his invisibility cloak, and Peter has passed out in the kitchens after snacking until all hours of the night. Remus will ask why Sirius came back to check on him, and Sirius will give him a careful smile and say nothing at at all.
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